Sync settings: ConnectWise Automate

How to adjust your sync settings with ConnectWise Automate

Use this guide to adjust any sync settings for your ConnectWise Automate integration in ScalePad.
Navigate to Integrations, and select ConnectWise Automate.

Skip SSL (not recommended)

Check this box to skip Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security with your integration. We don't recommend enabling this option, as we recommend your data be as secure as possible.

Only sync devices checked-in

This setting will make ScalePad only sync in hardware assets that have last checked into ConnectWise Automate, within certain time frames.

  1. Select an option from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Save ConnectWise Automate Setup

Sync assets without serial numbers

While we're unable to perform warranty look-ups on hardware assets without serial numbers, there is value to add these assets to your ScalePad account.

  1. Check the Include Devices Without Serial Numbers box
  2. Click Save ConnectWise Automate Setup