Software in your clients

Learn about Software Asset Management at the Client level

You'll now be able to see a summary of all your clients, showing both their hardware and software assets in a high-level color-coded summary in the table.

Clients Summary Report

Click the Clients Summary Report button to download the information you see in the table as a PDF.

Within a specific Client

Clicking into a single client will show you the following software asset data for them:

  • Product name
  • Publisher
  • Category
  • Installation status (Installed / Not installed)
  • Software status

In this example, we've clicked into the Garden Mix client from the above screenshot. You can download individual PDF reports as listed, or download a cumulative Software Summary Report.


Download your Software Summary Report

Similar to our Hardware Lifecycle Report, you have a client-specific Software Summary Report available for you to download as a PDF.

Click Software Summary Report in the top-right corner of the page.