Network lifetime warranties

Learn more about these warranties and why we don't use them in our lookups

Some network vendors advertise a "lifetime warranty" on certain hardware assets. Realistically, the SLA on this warranty is not acceptable for most businesses. Here's why:

  • Firmware updates are often not included
  • The SLA turnaround can be unbearable at times
  • The term "lifetime" refers to the useful lifetime of the equipment
  • After 10 or so years, most of these warranties are no longer honored

We provide the hard truth

With the above said, our reporting engine purposely ignores these "lifetime warranty" expiry dates. However, if a genuine service contract is applied to one of your hardware assets, ScalePad will use that in its place.

Workarounds to edit these date ranges

There are two ways to edit what ScalePad will report as overdue or expired.

1. Set your Hardware Replacement settings

Set up your Hardware Replacement settings, using our Account settings article in the Hardware tab. Set the Due soon threshold to a larger number of years for your network-type hardware assets.

2. In-app edit (manual edit)

Our In-app edit allows you to individually set any purchase or expiry date you like, at the hardware asset level.

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