Member permissions

Learn about the different permission levels and how to adjust them for your team

What each permission level means

There are different permission levels you can set for member accounts in ScalePad. All ScalePad member accounts include basic access to the platform. However, if you're an account Administrator for your organization, you can edit existing member permissions and set them for new members.

Member permission level

Brief description


Full access to the ScalePad account

Manage Basic Settings

Basic access + branding and reports settings

Manage Sync Settings

Basic access + add integrations and update sync settings

Place Orders & Manage Billing
This permission level is recommended for finance, bookkeeping, and purchasing teams.

Basic access + manage Billing information

How to edit member permissions

To edit the role / permissions of an existing member:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Members
  2. Select the member account to edit
  3. Select the appropriate member permissions checkboxes
  4. Click the Save member button