Introduction to Software Asset Management

Learn about Software Asset Management in ScalePad

While ScalePad already ensures your hardware assets are physically sound, Software Asset Management (SAM) provides you with all the necessary software data you need—all at your fingertips. It's easy to access and requires minimal effort to understand.

ScalePad consolidates multiple data points from your integrations, meaning you are able to access ready-made customer-facing reports, as well as action-driven insights.

Just integrate your RMM and sync in your software assets.


In order to enable SAM, you'll need a supported RMM integration with the credentials necessary to view the appropriate data.

List of supported RMM tools

  • ConnectWise Automate
  • Datto RMM
  • Kaseya VSA
  • NinjaOne
  • N-able N-central
  • N-able RMM
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Single-Tenant)
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Multi-Tenant)

Supported software types

From office suites to endpoint protection, we've got a continuously expanding list of supported software assets. Integrate your RMM tool to see which software assets of yours are supported by SAM.

SAM with ScalePad means unlimited software assets

As long as you have a ScalePad subscription, there's no limit to the number of software assets you can manage. This means your subscription is unaffected by the number of software assets.

Clients page

You'll now be able to see a summary of all your clients, showing both hardware and software. See our SAM Clients summary guide for more.

Software Summary Report

Similar to our Hardware Lifecycle Report, you have access to client-specific Software Summary Reports. They're available for you to download as a PDF.

Navigate to a specific client, and click the Software Summary Report in the top-right corner of the page. See our Software Summary Report guide for more.


Suggest a software provider

If you've connected your RMM tool and we appear to be missing a key software provider, let us know.