Global members tab

Members settings you can manage at the account level

Here is where you can see a list of all member accounts associated with your account. As an Administrator, you can click into each member and manage their permissions.

We recommend each person at your company have their own account for ScalePad. It's easier and safer than sharing credentials, and adding member accounts with us is free.

You have the ability to invite members, set member permissions, and set up multi-factor authentication.

How to add multi-factor authentication

You can Set up multi-factor authentication here for all members in your account. You will need Administrator permissions to adjust this setting.

  1. Click the Set up multi-factor authentication button.
  2. Scan the QR code with the authenticator app on your mobile device.
  3. Enter your code provided by the authenticator app.
  4. Click Set up multi-factor authentication to complete the setup process.

How to set member permissions

To add/edit the role/permissions of an existing member:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Members.
  2. Select the member account to edit.
  3. Select the appropriate member permissions checkboxes.
  4. Click the Save member button.

How to invite new members

To add/invite invites new members:

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Members tab
  2. Click the Invite a member button
  3. Enter the required email address for each member to be added.
    Multiple members can be invited by separating emails with commas.
  4. Select member Permissions level. Note that any selected permission settings will apply to all member emails indicated in the member invite. See the Member permissions article for more detail on each permission level.
  5. Click the Invite members button.