Global account settings tab

Company settings you can manage at the account level

These global settings are similar to the Client settings articles, but instead, they apply to all your clients.

Your Company

Under the Branding section, enter your company's name, website, and a corporate logo to be displayed on reports.

  1. Enter your company's name.
  2. Enter your company's website URL.
  3. Click the Edit logo button to upload an image file. The background color should be white or transparent and 600 pixels across or greater is recommended.
    1. File type: JPG, PNG, GIF or WEBP
    2. File size: 5MB or less
  4. Once a logo is selected, click the Save Logo button.
  5. Select your business type.
  • IT Service Provider - if you manage your customers’ assets.
  • Internal IT - if you manage just your own company’s assets.


  1. Display currency - Choose which currency will display on your reports for your clients.
  2. Date - Select the date format you'd like for your reports.


You will only see changes in reports when you change any of these settings, not on the platform itself.