Getting started in ScalePad

We'll walk through your Dashboard, then dive into the main pages.

With your ScalePad account set up, let's get straight into the platform. Learn the basics from your Dashboard—the homepage of our app. It branches out to every page in ScalePad.

Follow along in the left-hand navigation to find guides for each, to learn how to best leverage ScalePad for your company:

Hardware replacement opportunities

This figure is based on your Hardware Replacement Settings. It shows how much hardware replacement opportunity you have throughout all the clients you manage.

Warranty coverage opportunities

This figure is based on a cumulative total of many hardware assets are eligible for extended warranties. This information can be seen in your Warranties console.

Learn more in our Warranties console guide.

Software assets

If you have Software Asset Management (SAM) enabled in your ScalePad subscription, you'll see an overview of the software assets you manage.


In the screenshot above, you can see the top four categories of software represented in a high-level, color-coded infographic. This gives you the basic information you'll need at a glance, and allows you to dive deeper if you'd like.

Top hardware replacement opportunities

At the bottom of your Dashboard, we display a list of your clients sorted by hardware replacement opportunity. This lets you see which clients you manage yield the most potential. Click into one of them to see their client-specific page.


We've covered the Dashboard basics

Explore the rest of your ScalePad account, or continue with our Related Articles below.