Get service without signing in

If you don't have your sign-in information, or don't have an account, here's how to get service

How to get service on your hardware asset

If you don't have your ScalePad sign-in information on-hand, or if you are an end-client looking to get service on your hardware asset, we'll walk you through it.

  1. Navigate to
    • You will be prompted to either sign in, or get service another way
  1. Click get service another way and fill out the form as follows:


Provide the contact details of the person who will be the main point of contact for this service request.

Service details

Fill in a brief headline of the problem, followed by more details to describe the service request.

Asset details

Provide the serial number of your hardware asset, and the reference number from your warranty coverage card. This will help us identify the hardware asset.

  1. Submit your service request
    Once your form is filled, click the Submit service request button. Our team will reach out to the point of contact shortly after the request is submitted.


Service request submitted

Once you click the Submit service request button, you'll receive a confirmation dialog saying "Your service request was submitted".

You can sign in to your ScalePad account to track the progress of the request.