Datto RMM

Datto RMM syncs your hardware assets via API to ScalePad

Use this guide to integrate Datto RMM to ScalePad.


You may know this integration by another name

Datto RMM has also been known by other names:

  • AEM (Autotask Endpoint Management)
  • Centrastage

Integration instructions


  • Administrator user credentials for Datto RMM and ScalePad or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected


In Datto RMM

  1. Sign in to Datto RMM as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Setup > Account Settings > Access Control
  3. Set Enable API Access to ON
    • When this is done, you can generate your API credentials
  4. Create a new Datto RMM user


Usernames for Datto RMM must be unique

Datto RMM usernames need to be unique across the entire platform. That said, we can tell you that "scalepad" is already taken.

  1. Click the newly-created username to edit
  2. Click the new option to Regenerate API Keys
    • You should see the API credentials and the required fields
  3. Click Save in Datto RMM

In ScalePad

  1. Enter your API Key and API Secret Key into the add integration page
  2. Click Save Datto RMM Setup


Setup successful

When you click Save Datto RMM Setup, ScalePad will perform a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.

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