Dates from your integrations

Learn how we use warranty lookup dates from your remote systems

When your hardware asset data syncs into ScalePad, your integrations may have different purchase and expiry dates to our vendor lookups. In this case, ScalePad may choose to report your dates in the Final Summary.

When dates conflict, we take action

In order to be cautious with your purchase and expiry dates, this is what ScalePad does with each conflicting date:

  • Purchase Date will resolve to the date furthest in the past
  • Expiry Date will resolve to the date furthest in the future


Date shown in Final Summary

The date in the Final Summary is used in our automated reporting, and on the Hardware page.

Writing dates back using Two-Way Sync

In order to write dates to an integration using Two-Way SyncTwo-Way Sync - Two-Way Sync allows ScalePad to propagate warranty dates to and from certain integrations., they need to be sourced from a vendor lookup. That said, ScalePad will not read a date from one of your integrations and then write it into another integration.

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