ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate syncs your hardware assets to ScalePad via our plugin

Use this guide to integrate ConnectWise Automate to ScalePad.


You may know this integration by another name

ConnectWise Automate has also been known by another name:

  • Labtech

Integration instructions


  • Administrator user credentials for ConnectWise Automate and ScalePad or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected


This integration all starts when you provide the ConnectWise Automate credentials- our plugin will automatically handle the rest.

In ConnectWise Automate

  1. Sign in to ConnectWise Automate
  2. Create a new ConnectWise Automate user, dedicated to the ScalePad integration
  3. Enable the following for this newly created user:
    • Super Admin
    • Allow HTTP Tunnel
    • Ensure the Integrator checkbox is selected


While the Integrator checkbox should enable you to bypass ConnectWise Automate's default MFA for the integration, Duo is not supported for this functionality and will cause the integration to throw a 2FA error message. See ConnectWise Automate with Duo MFA for additional information.

In ScalePad

  1. Enter your ConnectWise Automate credentials on the add integrations page
  2. Click Save ConnectWise Automate Setup


Two-Way Sync

Please note that Two-Way SyncTwo-Way Sync - Two-Way Sync allows ScalePad to propagate warranty dates to and from certain integrations. for the ConnectWise Automate integration is enabled by default via our plugin.

ScalePad writes back warranty dates to a custom table in CW Automate, created post-integration, called "plugin_warrantymaster_aux", instead of using native fields.


Setup successful

When you click Save ConnectWise Automate Setup, ScalePad will perform a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.


Delete the user after setup

Once the plugin is up and running, you can go ahead and delete the user created in step 2, as our plugin has set up a direct, secure link with your ConnectWise Automate database.