Buying warranties

Walk through this start-to-finish guide for buying warranties

This guide will walk you through buying warranties from start to finish. From selecting your hardware assets through to the checkout, we'll make sure you're covered.

Tip: Verify your hardware assets' addresses are correct, in case a service call is ever required.



You must confirm your hardware assets are in full working order before buying warranties.

How to buy warranties

1. Navigate to your Warranties page

Click the Warranties button in your left-hand navigation bar

2. Select the organization to buy warranties for

In this walkthrough, we're selecting Bando Inc. from the list.

3. Select your eligible hardware assets

Select either servers, networking or workstations from the Hardware type section. Then, select the appropriate boxes on the left side of the hardware asset table.

Note: Pricing has been modified in the screenshots for demonstrative purposes

4. Select your SLA

Use the drop-down menu under SLA (response) to choose from 4-hour (if available), or Next business day.


Customize settings for a specific organization

Click the Gear icon to adjust the Buying Warranties settings for this particular organization. See the Organization-specific settings guide for more information.


Create multiple warranty coverage proposal(s)

If you'd like to customize and generate multiple Warranty coverage proposal(s) to show to your clients before proceeding to checkout, click the Customize proposal for 'organization' button.
When you click Customize proposal for 'organization' you are taken directly to the Warranty coverage settings tab. Once you’ve changed the settings, you can use the breadcrumbs to navigate directly back to the warranty cart to generate proposals based on the new settings.

Click the download button to obtain the proposal PDF document.

5. Proceed to Checkout

Click the Go to Checkout button.

  1. Verify the Organization name and site address are correct
  2. Fill out the Payment Method information
  3. Select the checkbox "I certify that these hardware assets are in full working order and do not
    currently require service." to continue with order.
  4. Click the Place Your Order button.

Once you've placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation email which includes your Warranty Coverage Card.

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Buying warranties

Walk through this start-to-finish guide for buying warranties

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